WHY I LEFT AMERICA | Living Abroad as a Black American

Hi fellow humans!

Thank you for tuning into today’s video. This is the first video of this living abroad series on my channel. I moved from the USA to Thailand earlier this year and have been living here since the start of lockdown about 7 months ago. I am so thankful to have found refuge in Thailand and give the deepest thanks to the people of this land for welcoming me with open arms.
Tune in every Tuesday for a video sharing my living abroad tips, tricks, hacks, experiences, story times and more. Thank you all for the support. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want more!

Peace and love!


Time Stamps Below

1:19 — ‘I Couldn’t Afford it’

3:52 — ‘ Didn’t Feel Like Home’

4:46 — ‘Global Citizenship Over Nationalism’

8:55 — “Fleeing From The Racism’

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