Visiting Asebu Village To See 5000 Acres Land Given To African American And Other Diasporans

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In today’s episode, we show footage of our recent visit to Asebu Village located in the central region of Ghana west Africa. We also met Ekow Simpson of Cape Coast Ghana.
Last year the Asebu Pan African Village project was announced. A Chief in Ghana’s Central Region set aside 5000 acres of land for free to the diaspora community. Pan African Village Residential Wellness & Restoration Center is the bridge that allows Africans to return home.
We offer a safe and secure environment and concrete support services. Pan African Village initiates the restoration process of African people by offering a comprehensive health and wellness program. Our intention is to restore Africans and Africa to the level of greatness that we demonstrated for thousands of years prior to the European invasion of Africa.

Location-Asebu was a former Fante chiefdom and town in the Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese District, Central Region, Ghana. About 3 hours (136km/84mi) drive from Accra(Capital) of Ghana.

Pan African Village Land Criteria
The criteria for qualification of the land offered is established by the Pan African Village to ensure that the integrity of the vision of Okatakyi Dr. Amenfi VII, Omanhen of Asebu Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana is not compromised and that all of the recipients of the offered lands understand and adhere to the expectations of the Chief.

All recipients of the offered land are required to:
Be African through biological family ancestry and genealogy.
Complete the Living in Ghana Orientation (10-day residential program) offered at Pan African Village.
Present a current police report or background check with government identification (Passport) to the Living in Ghana Orientation.

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