Town Square: The Promise and Peril in Seattle’s New Era of Female Leadership

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In this installment of “The Conversations,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, and Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau discuss the highs and lows of women serving as leaders. Moderated by journalist Joni Balter and Dr. Larry Hubbell, longtime previous director of Seattle University’s Institute of Public Service, Durkan, Best, and Juneau consider what it takes to get women elected or appointed to positions of power and what is needed after that in order for them to be effective and successful leaders. With input and questions from the Institute of Public Service’s Dr. Rashmi Chordiya and Seattle University students, these women explore why they are leaving or have left their jobs. Does it have anything to do with gender? Do we treat women leaders differently than we treat men doing the same job? Join us to encounter new perspectives on this always-relevant conversation. Presented by Town Hall Seattle Town Hall Seattle and Seattle University Institute of Public Service.

Speakers include:
Carmen Best, Chief of Police Seattle (Retired)
Mayor Jenny Durkan, City of Seattle
Superintendent Denise Juneau, Seattle Public Schools
Joni Balter, multimedia journalist
Dr. Larry Hubbell, Seattle University
Dr. Rashmi Chordiya, Seattle University

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