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The Troublemaker 9500 is a revolutionary new monohull design that I believe fixes a lot of the problems that cruising monohulls tend to have including deep drafts, heavy displacements, tall rigs, and slow sailing.

She is a light-displacement, planing hull, ~31 foot trailerable ketch with unstayed masts, a lifting keel, and kick up rudders. She’s affordable, bluewater capable, and FAST with a maximum speed of over 15 knots.

In this video we go over this boat design in-depth with Jeff Schionning, the founder and designer for Schionning Designs.

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Price estimates for the Troublemaker are below.
Kit: $30,000
Lightship: $99,900
Completely ready to cruise: $160,000 to $170,000+ (Please keep in mind that pricing for a complete boat is highly variable based on what each customer might want and these numbers should only be used as a guide.)

Schionning Designs:

Schionning Designs

Core Craft Marine:



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