This 70’s Star Was Every Man’s Dream Girl. Try Not to Gasp When You See Her Now

Elizabeth Perkins has been one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood for decades. He starred in plenty of movies and TV shows. One of her best-known films was opposite Tom Hanks in Big. In 2005, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he has become it her job to spread awareness about her condition. She is 57-years-old and sure doesn’t look it.

Samantha started acting at the tender age of 3 in several theater shows. Later, he turned her focus to music. Samantha’s first album, Lamborghini wasn’t too well received. Her second album, Touch Me, was much more popular. It was a hit in 17 countries, and it reached number one. Since the ’80s, Samantha hasn’t been too busy. She took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, and she still looks fantastic.

Shannon was a successful model. She had been dating Gene Simmons for several years, and the couple has two children together. The family had their own reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels when rumors of infidelity became public. Gene wanted to prove his love to his wife, and in 2011, the couple married after dating for decades. Today, she is 61-years-old, and she looks incredible. Her modeling career may be behind her, but she still works hard to keep your youthful look.

Erin played the adorable Tabitha on Bewitched since she was two years old. As Erin got older, she became more popular, and she was getting more closeup scenes. When Bewitched ended, Erin landed a few small roles but never made it big. Today, she is a gorgeous woman who looks at least 20 younger than she really is.

Sally Field has had an incredible career. She landed amazing roles and many prestigious awards for these roles. She broke our hearts in Steel Magnolias, made us laugh in Mrs. Doubtfire, and filled out hearts with love in Forrest Gump. Today, Sally is 71-years-old. She says that the secret to her youthful look is to use skin products that are all-natural. She is opposed to creams with chemicals and toxic agents, and it really is working.

Barbi got her start on TV on the show, Hee Haw. After that, she landed roles on TV series, including The Love Boat and Sugar Time!. She was even a country singer. From 1969 to 1985, she graced the cover of many men’s magazines. Today, she still looks incredible. It is almost as if she hasn’t aged.

Kate has a very successful career. Her most iconic role was in the ’70s TV series, Charlie’s Angels. Later, she landed the lead role in Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Baby Boom. Today, Kate looks amazing. She isn’t doing much acting, but she is writing her memoir called The Smart One.

This 70s star was every man’s dream girl. Try not to gasp when you see her now. After acting in One Million Years BC. Raquel became a star. Her 1973 role in The Three Musketeers won her a Golden Globe. Raquel’s poster was one of the most famous and graced the walls of millions of American boys and men. Raquel really got into fitness and released a book called Total Beauty and Fitness Program. She hasn’t given up on acting and recently starred in The Ultimate Legacy and House of Versace.

Linda Thompson looks amazing, but there are rumors swirling that her good looks aren’t natural, and she has had some work done. In the ’60s, Linda was a beauty pageant queen. After getting attention for her role on Hee Haw, she realized that acting wasn’t for her. She started a career as a lyricist and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Linda had a brief relationship with Elvis Presley, before marrying Bruce Jenner. The pair had two sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner, before getting divorced. Bruce moved on to Kris Kardashian, and the couple started an empire together. When Bruce transitioned and became Caitlin, Linda says that she knew he wanted to live as a woman since they were married.

Laura is best known for her role as Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman, and Maya Gallo on Just Shoot Me. During the ’90s, she played Dr. Grace Confalone on NCIS. Today, Laura is 55-years-old and has shown no signs of slowing down. She is still a leading cast member on NCIS and Animal Kingdom. Also, Laura’s new movie, Honey Boy, is coming out this year. The shocking thing is that she looks almost the same as she did in Pretty Woman.

Heather started her acting career when she was just 14-years-old. In the ’80s, she landed her breakout role in the show Fall Guy. After that, her career took a different path, and she was out of the spotlight for a bit. The most recent job Heather had was in 2014 when he had a role in Girltrash: All Night Long.

Jennifer Lopez got her start as a Fly Girl on the ’90s skit show, In Living Color. She made her break into film playing the late Mexican music star, Selena. This got her career rolling, and has starred in several movies since. She also had a very successful singing career. Jennifer stopped aging at around the age of 25. She credits her youthful look to hard work, exercise, dieting, and using the right skin products.

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