She told me we’re NEVER LEAVING!! | Ep 56 | Sailing Merewether

This week we explore Klein (little) Curacao, and what a gem we have rocked up to, a flat island with turquoise blue water, white sandy beaches with an old pink lighthouse in the middle. Kieran gets some amazing drone footage of the island (mind blown), and we give you a little history lesson on the place. I am loving the pink lighthouse, and decide we need a better look; we’re going to walk up it, not totally legal…
Kieran gets very anxious at the sight of a few ships stranded onshore, rethinking he’s career choice a little. We go snorkelling off the side of our boat and I take our tender Ralph on a spin in the blue waters.
To end this beautiful day we have a cruise sun set sail back to the mainland.
Oh what a day!

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