Safari West Adventure | African Safari Tour | Africa in the Heart of Wine Country

❤️ Inside the gates of this wildlife preserve, the opportunities are endless!
❤️ Experience the sights and sounds of the Sonoma Serengeti; the wilds of Africa in wine country!
Spend the night ‘glamping’ in a luxurious safari tent imported directly from South Africa.
❤️ Explore! Embark on an authentic safari in a customized safari vehicle.
Winos and Rhinos – Delight in private wine tasting safari!
❤️ Brews and Buffalo – Beer tasting on the Sonoma Serengeti!
❤️ Private Royal Safaris – Twilight Serengeti, Dinner at the Tree Top Aviary, and Cheetahs and Chardonnay are among the unique options available.
❤️ Dine out…way out…at the Savannah Cafe and enjoy the quality wines and beer of Napa and Sonoma.
❤️ Enjoy private and close-up encounters with animals and behind the scene activities with our animal caretakers.


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