My Cruise Outfits of the Day: Australia & New Zealand


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I am not always able to respond back to comments. On those occasions, once you see my “❤️” show up, you’ll know that I have read your comment and taken it straight to my heart of hearts!! I absolutely read *all* comments. Thank you all so very much in advance! MUCH LOVE AND HUGS ALL AROUND! ❤️

Regarding any questions, I will either answer via commenting back, or I will add Q&A answers to the end of an upcoming video.

~Here is a link to my Arlynn’s Country Craft Corner & Travels Facebook Group:

~Here is a link to my “Bow Making 101” Playlist. I teach how to make The Funky Bow, The Tiered Bow, & The Round Bow:

~Paint Color on Main Level of our Home:
Sherwin Williams – “Perfect Greige”
Mixed by Home Depot in their best Behr paint with primer

~My Snippers (Wire Cutters):

~My Hot Glue Gun:

~I’m on Instagram here:

~My Blog is here:

~My Blog that contains my “Funky Bow Cheat Sheet”:
Salvation Army Girlfriends’ Getaway: Funky Bow Cheat Sheet

~Negative comments are subject for deletion and poster will most definitely be blocked. A negative comment reflects on the type of person that you are and not on the type of person that I am.

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