International District-SODO History Ride

Join me on this virtual history ride around Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

Video transcription:
Route map:

Jump to each stop:
0. Introduction 0:05
1. Historic Chinatown Gate 1:30
2. Panama Hotel 3:05
3. José Rizal Bridge 4:35
4. Dr. José P. Rizal Park 5:27
5. Daejeon Park 7:07
6. Little Saigon 8:03
7. Black & Tan Club 9:27
8. Wing Luke Museum 10:30
9. INS Building 12:02
10. SODO Track 13:30
11. Cannabis City 14:43
12. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Building 15:36
13. Harbor Island 16:33
14. Kingdome 18:24
15. King Street Station 19:58
16. Pop Quiz 21:05

Duwamish Tribe:
Wing Luke Museum:
SODO Track: International District walking history tour:

Overlays and animations were created by me using Adobe Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Final video was created in Wondershare Filmora9.
3D map imagery was created using Google Earth Pro.
Photos and videos taken by me used my iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, and GoPro HERO 7 Black.
Voiceover recordings were created using Apple’s Voice Memos and GarageBand software.

Music is licensed through Soundstripe.
“Hook or Crook”
Written by Chelsea McGough
Performed by Chelsea McGough
Produced by Chelsea McGough

Written by Chelsea McGough, Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed by Moments
Produced by Moments

“Meet at the Cafe”
Written by Matthew Wigton
Performed by Falls
Produced by Falls

Written by Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed by Alsever Lake
Produced by Alsever Lake

Written by Cory Clark
Performed by Echobody
Produced by Echobody

“Fade Away”
Written by Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed by Adrian Walther
Produced by Adrian Walther

“Catch the Sky”
Written by Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed by Alsever Lake
Produced by Alsever Lake

Written by S.L.J. Kalmeijer
Performed by Sounds Like Sander
Produced by Sounds Like Sander

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