If It Weren’t Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It

If It Weren’t Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It

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If It Weren’t Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It
You’ve once probably been in a situation where your friend tells an amazing story but you assume it’s all made up because it sounds so surreal! What’s more, your friend has no witnesses! But what if they do have a witness? The strangest things sometimes get captured on camera and you just can’t believe they’re real until you get to see for yourself. I swear, if it weren’t caught on camera, no one would believe whatever were are about to unveil to you!
15. Thunderstorm Image

The sights in the air are spectacular from 32,000 feet. You’re above the clouds, and from that point, one can observe the weather from an incredible bird’s-eye view. Although taking a picture of the clouds from your seat is now normal, pilot and photographer Christiaan van Heijst does one better with his view from the cockpit whey he put his Nikon D800 to work.
This photo was taken when Van Heijst flew close to active thunderstorms between Beijing and Shanghai. It displays powerful lightning lighting the storm cloud as the lights of a city shine underneath. Wait, how was he simultaneously flying the plane?
14. Jacob Riglin the Daredevil

Jacob Riglin, a 20-something-year-old photographer based in London, has taken vibrant pictures of New York City from dizzying heights. The avid traveler’s Instagram page, which attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, displays colorful pictures taken high at locations such as the Manhattan Bridge and midtown towers, creating vivid city landscapes.
This thrill-seeker took two vertigo-inducing photos of Times Square of his feet hanging from his perch on a building ledge—”sitting above the earth, “he wrote on one of the picture’s captions.
Mr.Riglin here just gave Spiderman a run for his money
13. Burj Dubai from the top

It’s a picture of the city of Dubai set in the fog from Burj Dubai, which was at the time, under construction. This architectural marvel is considered to be one of the tallest if, not the tallest, building in the world. In Dubai where humidity can hit as high as 100 percent, there seems to be a fog that cannot be seen before the eyes. Various towers, such as the Rouen Cathedral and the Empire State Palace, have borne the label of “world’s tallest building.” But we are yet to see the magical fog phenomena.
12. Smiley-faced volcano

As seen in the event’s helicopter video, a volcano that erupted on Hawaii’s largest island shaped a smiley face with its lava. The volcano, called Kilauea, has been active since 1983 and has displayed its joy as its lava first entered the Pacific Ocean in three years. Since it began erupting, it has continuously traveled on a six-mile journey towards the coast.
As with the smiley, two things happen. According to Live Science, the “chin” shapes are formed by an upwelling of hot magma through the cooler surface via convection currents. The reverse happens on the other side when negative pressure fractures and forces the warmer magma out of itself, exposing the bright spots.
11. Tsunami Cloud

Could it be the end of the world? That was the question on many people’s minds on that day. This horrific sight made people run from the streets to catch the amazing cloud formation.
Well these are the extraordinary images of a massive shelf cloud that struck the New South Wales coast, Australia. The meteorological phenomenon, technically a type of arcus cloud, is a cloud wedge created at the front edge of a thunderstorm where the storm’s downdraft and updraft converge. The shelf cloud seen here, nicknamed an ‘air tsunami’, measured several kilometers in length and swept through the city all afternoon and early evening.

9. Flower Ocean

In the spring, China transforms into an ocean of flowers in the Luoping countryside in eastern Yunnan. It’s the time of year when the flowers of rapeseed or canola are in full bloom. To catch the beautiful sight, photographers flock to this destination-rolling hills surrounded by bright yellow flowers as far as the eye can see.
Close to Luoping is NiuJe, where you can find snail farms or flowers grown in circular circles, following the slopes’ contours. From the higher ground the farms are close to the shell rings of a snail. So surreal!
8. Fish with human teeth

A few years ago, images of a fish with a mouth full of square teeth appeared online, spurring online commentators to ask how a fish ended up with human teeth. The catch was made by an angler in north-west Russia, according to sources. News sources online indicate the catch made by the Russian fisherman was possibly a pacu, a piranha relative.

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