HOW TO START CYCLING WHEN OVER 60. when retired you can find a bike for seniors at any age today.

WE WILL DISCUSS HOW TO START CYCLING WHEN OVER 60. As a Retiree you can find a bike for seniors at any age today. Now that we are locked down or at least discouraged from being in a group here is the solution for seniors. Find a new life after Covid-19 for those of us elders. We discuss learning to bike today and continue for years of pleasure and getting better fit. You can have a step through bike or beach cruiser both are great for retirees. But electric bikes are the newest things in cycling and they can be an improvement to seniors when you pedal up hills or just start to get tired. E-bike take over for the tired muscles and let you pedal with ease. remember we are biking for fun, it’s not a race. we are getting exercise but that is not the primary reason for biking as a senior citizen. Weight loss, Exercise, health reasons all can be good reasons to start biking. you can exercise, ride to lose weight or enjoy the outdoors or just meet people start cycling when over 50

0:00 start
0:16 during covid 19 times
0:28 confidence
1:01 Getting exercise
1:59 Choosing a bike
2:28 fastest mode of travel in the world
3:02 first bike as a senior (Vidnami)
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