How to SELL INSURANCE TO SENIORS Life and Health Insurance Agent TARGET SENIOR MARKET Baby Boomers

Are you a life and health insurance agent working in the SENIOR MARKET? Learn how to sell insurance to seniors. Get inside their head in order to better understand what they value, believe and what keeps them up at night.


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Jeremy Smith is the #1 rated Insurance sales and marketing business coach in the US. With nearly 15 years in the industry as an insurance agent, trainer, manager, insurance agency owner and now business development expert, Jeremy is offering access to his Playbook – Best Practices in order to help fellow Independent Life and Health Insurance Agents and Agency owners make massive progress in their careers.

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Life and Health Insurance Agent Agency – Working in the Senior Market – Baby Boomer demographics. Know Thy Client! Jeremy exposes key secrets to understanding this very important group of Americans. What they value, believe…what keeps them up at night! An important education on senior liabilities and how to co-manage solutions.

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