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In 2019, Bradley and I went on a backpacking adventure to Central America. We didn’t do all the countries in the region, but we did spend 2 months exploring parts of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

This video showcases the overall itinerary we took and some individual travel itineraries for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

All these countries were FANTASTIC!, but I think my favorite has to be Nicaragua because we LOVED the coffee, the rum, the sights, and the sunsets are the best I’ve experienced in the world…

We’ve written guides on all the places we explored that you can check out to help you plan your trips:

Mexico: https://www.dreambigtravelfarblog.com/backpacking/mexico-travel-guide
El Salvador: https://www.dreambigtravelfarblog.com/blog/things-to-do-in-el-salvador

If you want more inspiration on backpacking central America, then be sure to check out those posts!

Thanks for watching and let us know if you’re planning on visiting OR if you have visited 🙂

Pssst, sorry I don’t have footage of Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, it was 2 years ago and I’ve somehow misplaced that footage…whoooops!


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