Costa Rica Solo Travel Vlog 2021 | San Jose + Jaco! Nightlife, Nauyaca falls, & much much more!

PURA VIDA!!! 🇨🇷❤️

Guess who’s back..ME! I want to apologize in advance for my quality, it changed as soon as I uploaded my video. But please take the time out to watch this video. I squeezed in a lot this trip and was exhausted lol but I wanted to keep filming.

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San Jose, Costa Rica was such a beautiful city and heading out towards Jaco the scenery was beautiful as well. I met a lot of people and ate really good food. If you’re looking for a good time, go to Costa Rica! I also took a cooking class with the locals, did a city tour, dine in at multiple restaurants, went to the beach, ATV riding and much much more.

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***I’m not recommending people to travel during a pandemic, I’m showing you all my experiences but If you do choose to go, you will enjoy!

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