Black American men moving to Latin American countries: Why some of the locals are mad

64% of Black American men have entered into the American middle Class and 20% are rich or upper middle class. Moreover 51% of Black men aren’t Married and don’t have children. In this regard they have no obligations and no substantial reason to stay in the US.

It’s no wonder that Hundreds of Thousands of Black American men are Traveling to South America, Central America and the Caribbean every year. Some are looking for a good time, some are looking for love while others are looking for business opportunities.

Whatever the reason there will be some resistance by the locals. Reason being anytime a foreign group of men begin to migrate to an occupied area the locals while become nervous suspicious and territorial.

Especially, considering the history of anti Black racism in Latin America so imbedded that most deny it exist. The idea that rich and upper middle class and middle-class black man will be moving in bringing their resources education ingenuity and American mannerisms and mentality, indicates that change will soon follow.

Their mere presence will upset the social Hierarchy. These black man will invariably move into the more affluent neighborhoods send their kids to the expensive Internaional, private schools, universities and become employers of the locals. Moreover because of their wealth resources and social status they will begin to attract the best of the best as far as local women.

This will create jealousy and envy among the local men for obvious reasons and the local women, especially those who don’t receive direct benefit from They are presents.

In anticipation of this occurrence I have some suggestions on how black men who travel overseas and decide to lay down roots and South America should operate to protect themselves both politically and socially and financially.





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