What is it like to be black in France? Is it safe to live there? Are you welcome?”. I’ve been asked these questions and others regarding being black in France lots of times and in this video I’m trying to answer some of them.

I studied abroad at Oxford Brookes University for one year, and lived in Oxford, England. Once I completed my studies, I backpacked around Europe and traveled to over 35 countries with no money or accommodation. This video is representing all of my experiences living abroad in the United Kingdom.

MY REASON FOR POSTING THIS IS TO INFORM NOT TO DISRESPECT OR OFFEND ANYONE! Rude or hurtful comments won’t be tolerated.. we ain’t got time for all that brah… *

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Aijalon Wallace was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He’s a previous TEDx speaker. When he first discovered his passion as an artist in 2006, he joined “Inside Out Literary Arts” and was featured on the HBO tv series Brave New Voices (2008-2009). Aijalon has had the pleasure of opening up for poet laureate and Oprah Winfrey’s top ten writers Nikki Giovanni, Five-times Winner of Apollo Jessica Care Moore, American poet Saul Williams, and Governor Jennifer Granholm.

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