AMAZING Places Where you Should Retire in 5 Minutes | Best Places to Retire in 2021

In this video, we are looking at the best places to retire in 2021 and giving you an idea of which ones may be right for you. The retirement process is already stressful enough and there is a lot of work to save and position yourself for a successful retirement. Then, deciding where to retire also complicates the matter all together. There are so many factors, such as cost of living, taxes, entertainment, health care, and is there community for you there. If you are struggling to decide where to retire, you are not alone. Many put off deciding how they want to live in retirement, what they want to do in retirement, and where they want to retire. This video is simple, we want to give you some ideas for where to retire to help you in your search. Here are some places to consider spending the best years of your life. If you have anything to add, please don’t hesitate to do so. I love hearing from you! As always, please keep your comments respectful. Have a great day and Happy retirement! Thanks for watching and Take Care!

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