11 Strangest Chinese Dishes 😬

11 Strangest Chinese Dishes
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Today’s Topic : 11 Scary Chinese Dishes 😬
In the world, there are hundreds of different cultures and along with that is a rich variety of cuisines. Typically, China is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, so the culinary culture here also takes a lot of pen and paper to write all down.
Besides the delicious food, there are also extremely horrible dishes which not everyone can eat. Before watching this video, I highly recommend you should be mentally-prepared because they are very horrible.
Number 11: roasted raw chicken
Number 10: Tuna eyes
Number 9: Yin and Yang fish
Number 8: Urine eggs
Number 7: Fried scorpion
Number 6: “Drunk” raw shrimp
Number 5: Crunchy cockroach
Number 4: Cow dung hotpot
Number 3: Stinky Tofu
Number 2: The baby rats
Number 1: Green worm
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